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Click the cow cow_lease to learn about our cow lease
(cheddar or brie cheese from the milk of the cow you choose).

Click the goat goat_ lease to learn about our goat lease
(chevre from the milk of the goat you choose).

Rent Mother Nature® has developed a network of small family farms throughout the country. Our website (a Farmer's Market by mail) acts as a marketplace where these farms can offer their gift items (authentic food & crafts) in a unique manner.

Our mission is to connect these farmers with consumers who want fresh food that has been grown naturally and responsibly.

Our customers help small family farms that use natural and sustainable methods of farming to survive.

Click Leases to view the lease varieties.

When you make your selection we will start farming for you.

Gift Baskets

Overflowing baskets of hearty New England goodies. The perfect gift for friends, family, or business associates. Choose from a wide variety of baskets, from the tasty Blueberry Breakfast to the bountiful New England Farm Basket.

Gift Certificates
Let your recipients choose their own Rent Mother Nature ® gift (from our wide range of leases, gift baskets, and food items).


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