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Rent a Goat!

Your friends will be able to say "Our goat contributed to this cheese. Isn't it wonderful? Would you like to see her picture?"

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This cheese is produced on a small family farm in the Berkshires dedicated to the principles of sustainable agriculture. Absolutely no preservatives, stabilizers, artificial ingredients, or additives of any kind are ever used.

Chèvre is fresh goat cheese with a tangy flavor and dense, smooth texture. Goats' milk has a lower pH than cows' milk, which accounts for its characteristic piquancy. It is found in many sections of a menu - from tasty appetizers to main courses to sophisticated desserts. The outstanding flavor of Rent Mother Nature® Chèvre comes not only from our decision to employ the best Alpine dairy goats and the terrific folks who tend them, but also from the fact that the cheese is absolutely fresh.

Berkshires (MA)

Harvest Time:
4 weeks after requested milking date


Three 5oz. logs of fresh Chèvre

Progress Reports:

The Lease program includes:

"Excellent cheese, and a program that is both fun and worthwhile. I look forward to sharing the experience with friends."
W.B. Berkeley, CA
Dairy Goat Lease - $49.95
None - $0.00
Action Photo - $5.00
Vermont Cow Basket - $39.95
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Regular - FREE
2-Day (No Sat. Del.) - $18.95
Overnight (No Sat. Del.) - $29.95

Vermont Cow Basket

A wicker basket stuffed with 1/2 pint of maple syrup, 1½ lbs. of stone-ground buttermilk & honey pancake mix, an 8 oz. Cheddar cheese wheel, and a can of wild Maine blueberries (3.5 oz.).

Maple and Cheddar Basket - $39.95
Regular - FREE
FREE Action Photo when you add any gift basket to any Lease!

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