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Honey Hive Lease

Honey-making is a season-long job for bees and beekeepers. These flower-specific honeys have a fragrance and taste distinct to each delicious honey. We garner the different honeys at precise intervals to avoid the mixture of floral combinations. The result? Pure, 100% natural honey straight from the hive: Rich in texture, uncooked, unfiltered & with all its nutrients intact. Lots of work (just ask the bees!), but the results are worth it!

Honey is shipped as it's garnered:

Our honey lease options are:

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Wildflower: Catskills
Blueberry: Maine
Raspberry: Vermont
Cranberry: Cape Cod

Harvest Time:

Minimum Yield:

30 oz. per variety

Progress Reports:

The Lease program includes:

We do all the work and you get all the raves (while helping support America's family farms).

"Wonderful to taste real honey again!"
O.P. Rochester, MN
Early Summer Honey Delight - $69.95
Late Summer Honey Richness - $69.95
Raspberry Honey Lease - $39.95
Blueberry Honey Lease - $39.95
Cranberry Honey Lease - $39.95
Wildflower Honey Lease - $39.95
Action Photo - $5.00
Honey Lover's Delight - $39.95
Lease Shipping:
Regular - FREE
2-Day (No Sat. Del.) - $18.95
Overnight (No Sat. Del.) - $29.95

Honey Lover's Delight

Have the lease document arrive with a royal start: a blueberry honey jar (16 oz.), wildflower Honey Bear (12 oz.) & a wooden honey dipper all nestled in a wicker basket. Pure 100% natural honey straight from the hive: uncooked, unfiltered and with all its nutrients intact!


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