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Rent a Sheep!

Experience the warmth, comfort, and durability of a natural wool blanket from the wool of a flock that includes your own Dorset sheep, a beloved member of a shepherd's cooperative.

Order a Sheep Lease now or read on for more information.

Fleece does not come in the solid colors associated with bleached and dyed wool. You will find a hint of gray here or there, your guarantee that your wool is completely natural.

The Merrimac Valley mill (in the heart of the 19th century textile industry) is a five-generation family-owned operation, with a vivid history and excellent reputation. Your gift of a Sheep Lease supports local craftsmen who apply their skills (honed in an industry now sadly in decline) to antique machinery and natural fibers to create an heirloom that will be appreciated and enjoyed for generations.

Sheep =Oregon Ranch Weaver =Merrimac Valley (MA)

Harvest Time:
Blankets delivered August


100% natural wool blanket

Progress Reports:

The Lease program includes:

We do all the work and you get all the raves (while helping support America's small family farms and craftsmen).

"This is a wonderful, creative idea! The blanket far exceeded my expectations!"
V.M. Kirtland, OH
Lease :
2 Sheep Lease 90" X 90" - $259.95
1 Sheep Lease 90" X 66" - $199.95
Lamb Lease 45" X 40" - $119.95
None - $0.00
Action Photo - $5.00
Favorite Farm Basket - $79.95
Lease Shipping:
Regular - FREE
2-Day (No Sat. Del.) - $18.95
Overnight (No Sat. Del.) - $29.95

Favorite Farm Basket

From the backroad farmstands of New England comes a generous sampling of Nature's bounty! The peck-sized basket is a real Yankee carry-all, packed to the brim with: a waxed wheel of Vermont Cheddar (8 oz.), Vermont Cow Cocoa (16 oz.), wild Maine blueberries (3.5 oz.), nutmeg grater and whole nutmeg, pure Maple Syrup (1/2 pint jug), stone-ground Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix (1½ pound sack), pure Blueberry Honey (16 oz. jar) and a 1 oz. Tin of "Bag Balm" - the best thing ever for chapped hands, a Yankee "cosmetic". (Note: Equal or greater value substitutions may be made to expedite delivery.)

Favorite Farm Basket - $79.95
Regular - FREE
FREE Action Photo when you add any gift basket to any Lease!

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