Cow Lease Newsletter

Crumpet, one of the Jersey cows whose rich milk will be used to make your cheddar cheese is a beauty, as are all our Jerseys. Crumpet has a warm brown ‘complexion’. She has large, soft eyes and flirty, long eyelashes. Her personality could best be described as placid. She does not seem to be in […]

Spring Honey Newsletter

The schedule for the Rent Mother Nature Honey Harvests is pretty flexible–reflecting weather conditions like late frosts, bush-blooming times, and so forth.  If, in this crazy weather world, we can predict anything! Usually, Blueberry Honey comes in June, Raspberry in July, Wildflower in August, and Cranberry in September. Did you know that some bees “winter” […]

Honey Tangerine

2019 Honey Tangerines Florida experiences many environmental close calls, during the crucial months between late autumn and early spring, when the blossoms for the following year and the fruit for the current year appear. Occasionally, there are years of frozen devastation. In 1989, for example, the cold weather virtually destroyed all citrus crops. Since then, […]

Yankee Ingenuity

Rent Mother Nature is gift program that connects consumers with American family farms, wherein farm fresh products are delivered directly to the gift recipient’s door at harvest time.  We have been doing it for 40 years with a variety of crops. The other day a woman called us to place an order for a Rent […]

Valentine’s Day Cocoa Tree Gift

Give someone you love the harvest from a cocoa tree. Hernando Cortes discovered the bitter drink (xocolatl) used by the Aztecs and sent the beans and recipes back to King Charles V. The Spanish refined the recipe adding sugar and heating the ingredients to improve the taste. By the end of the 18th century, Mexican […]

2019 Coffee Bean Harvest

We, at Rent Mother Nature, are proud to be working with a family-owned farm in the high mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua that produces some of the finest coffee beans grown using the most sustainable methods. When one first sees a coffee tree, it is hard to understand how those bright red beans (called cherries) can morph […]