Peach Tree Newsletter

Our peaches are picked when they are firm and put right into a hydro-cooling bath.  Washing accomplishes two things.  First, it removes field dirt and cleans the peach fuzz.  At the same time, the cold water “sets” the peach, arresting its tendency to continue ripening as if it were still on the tree.  After the […]

Wild Rice Newsletter

 Most of the wild rice that is available in grocery stores is similar to brown rice grown in rice paddies. It cooks uniformly, and is consistently the same year after year because it is cultivated rice. This type of rice is actually a hybrid developed by the University of Minnesota. Also, most of the grains […]

Pistachio Newsletter

The Pistachio tree is subtropical and hardy.  It thrives in high desert climates where the summers are long, hot, and dry, and the winters only moderately cold.  This summer in California is especially hot and dry. The pistachio most likely originated in Central Asia, and is found today throughout the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Cyprus, […]

Sheep Lease Newsletter

It was a very cold winter on the Oregon ranch where our sheep live. There was enough snow to have kept the sheep pent up in the barn–a cozy place that can be boring after a long spell.  During the cold weather months “baa” sounds like their way of saying “brrr” or, perhaps, a short […]

Goat Lease Newsletter

  Although our goats are of French Alpine stock, they were born in the Berkshires in a small village.  Their accents are more New England than Paris and they are completely at home frolicking in the well-tended fields of their farm.  They are short haired goats, medium to large-sized, sober-faced with “Roman” noses and the only […]

Cow Lease Newsletter

Crumpet, one of the Jersey cows whose rich milk will be used to make your cheddar cheese is a beauty, as are all our Jerseys. Crumpet has a warm brown ‘complexion’. She has large, soft eyes and flirty, long eyelashes. Her personality could best be described as placid. She does not seem to be in […]