Leases For Pure, Natural Harvests
Just because you don't have a farm doesn't mean that you can't give delicious and nutritious Farm Fresh gifts. Rent Mother NatureĀ® Leases make memorable and entertaining gifts for family, friends, and business associates - or for yourself! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
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Maple Tree

Coffee Tree

Cow (Cheddar Cheese)

Goat (Cheese)

Honey Hives

Pistachio Tree

Wild Rice Bed

Lobster Trap

Peach Tree

Honeybell Tree

Date Palm Tree

Cocoa Tree

Sheep (Blanket)

Grapefruit Tree

Apple Tree

Oyster Bed

Tangerine Tree

Wheat Field

Pecan Tree
Since 1979, Rent Mother NatureĀ® has led the way in supporting natural, organic agriculture on small family farms and letting you share the farm-fresh harvests as gifts for family, friends and business associates. Think of us as your online Farmer's Market. Behind each Rent Mother NatureĀ® Lease Program is a small independent farmer, committed to producing the best harvest while respectfully maintaining the land. (We'll tell you all about it in the Progress Reports that accompany each Lease program.)